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Use the xcode resource to manage a single installation of Apple's Xcode IDE. The xcode resource manages the state of a single Xcode installation and any additional iOS simulators that are declared using the ios_simulators property. The latest version of iOS simulators are always installed with Xcode. This resource supports beta and GM seeds from Apple if currently available via your developer credentials. Be sure to only provide the semantic version (e.g. 10.0 and not 10 beta or 10 GM seed) in the version property. Providing a path will move an existing Xcode installation of the requested version to that path, overwriting an existing bundle if it is not the requested version.


The simplest use of the xcode resource is:

xcode '9.4.1'

which would install Xcode 9.4.1 with the included iOS simulators.

The full syntax for all of the properties that are available to the xcode resource is:

xcode 'description' do
  version                              String # defaults to 'description' if not specified
  path                                 String # defaults to '/Applications/' if not specified
  ios_simulators                       Array # defaults to current iOS simulators if not specified
  action                               Symbol # defaults to [:install_gem, :install_xcode, :install_simulators] if not specified


It is recommended to use the default action of all three actions, since the xcode-install gem is required to use the resource. Only use actions independently if you're going to manage this dependency on your own.

This resource has the following actions:


      Install the xcode-install gem dependency, downloading the required Apple Command Line tools if not already present.


      Download and install the specified version of Xcode from Apple, move the specified path, and make it the active developer directory for the node.


      Download and install latest major version of iOS simulators declared in ios_simulators.


Install different versions of Xcode based on platform version node attributes

if node['platform_version'].match?(/10\.13/) || node['platform_version'].match?(/10\.12/)
  execute 'Disable Gatekeeper' do
    command 'spctl --master-disable'

  xcode '9.2' do
    ios_simulators %w(11 10)

elsif node['platform_version'].match?(/10\.11/)

  xcode '8.2.1' do
    ios_simulators %w(10 9)