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Installing dependencies on Windows (automated)

We provide a PowerShell script for installing all required dependencies. Please note that this script is still experimental. You can of course follow the same install steps as the script manually. NOTE: Minecraft requires Java 8 and Malmo requires a 64 bit version of Python.


  • Download the current pre-built release for Windows from (for example:
  • Extract the contents to a directory (for example $env:HOMEPATH\Malmo-0.35.6-Windows-64bit_Python3.6). NOTE: the directory path should not contain spaces or non-ascii characters.


  1. Open a Powershell and run Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope CurrentUser Unrestricted (Details)
  2. cd $env:HOMEPATH\Malmo-0.35.6-Windows-64bit_Python3.6\scripts
  3. .\malmo_install.ps1

Depending on your setup, you may be asked to confirm a switch to "Run as Administrator" (for checking and installing dependencies). In case you run into problems, please follow the manual installation instead. If you find a problem that has not yet been reported, please raise a new issue (please check the gitter channel and existing issues to see whether the problem is known, before raising a new issue).

To test if everything is installed correctly, you can launch minecraft with the Malmo mod, and launch an example agent, as detailed here.