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* Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the MIT License.
import { Actor, Guid, Vector3 } from "../..";
* The collision handler to be called when a collision event occurs.
* @param data The collision data associated with the collision.
export type CollisionHandler = (data: CollisionData) => void;
* The trigger handler to be called whan an actor has entered or exited
* a trigger volume.
* @param otherActor The other actor that has entered the trigger volume.
export type TriggerHandler = (otherActor: Actor) => void;
* The collision state for the collsion event.
export type CollisionEventState = 'enter' | 'exit';
* The point of contact for a collision.
export interface ContactPoint {
normal: Vector3;
point: Vector3;
separation: number;
* The collision data collected when a collision occurs.
export interface CollisionData {
otherActorId: Guid;
otherActor?: Actor;
contacts: ContactPoint[];
impulse: Vector3;
relativeVelocity: Vector3;
* The layer that the collider should be assigned to.
// export enum CollisionLayer {
// Object = 'object',
// Environment = 'environment',
// Hologram = 'hologram'
// }