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* Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the MIT License.
import events from 'events';
import * as Restify from 'restify';
import { Context, ParameterSet } from '../..';
* Adapter options
export type AdapterOptions = {
* @member {http.Server} server Provide an existing web server to use. Will create one otherwise
server?: Restify.Server;
* @member {string | number} port Optional. When options.server is not supplied and an internal web server is to be
* created, this is the port number it should listen on. If this value is not given, it will attempt to read the
* PORT environment variable, then default to 3901
port?: string | number;
* Base Adapter class. Adapters are where connections from hosts are accepted and mapped to Contexts. The host
* connection requests a Context from a sessionId. If no matching Context is found, a new one is created and
* the 'connection' event is raised.
export abstract class Adapter {
protected emitter = new events.EventEmitter();
protected get options() { return this._options; }
public get server() { return this._options.server; }
public set server(value: Restify.Server) { this._options.server = value; }
public get port() { return this._options.port; }
constructor(protected _options: AdapterOptions) {
this._options = { ..._options };
this._options.port =
this._options.port ||
process.env.port ||
process.env.PORT ||
public abstract listen(): Promise<Restify.Server>;
* The onConnection event is raised when a new Context is created for an application session. This happens when the
* first client connects to your application.
* @event
public onConnection(handler: (context: Context, params: ParameterSet) => void): this {
this.emitter.addListener('connection', handler);
return this;