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* Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the MIT License.
import { ActionHandler, Guid, User } from '..';
/** A callback that handles when a user joins or leaves the MRE session */
export type UserEntryExitCallback = (user: User) => void;
/** An event type for [[UserFilter.shouldForwardUserEvent]] */
export type UserInteractionType = 'joined' | 'input';
/** A class that has user joined/left callback hooks. Applies to [[Context]], and also [[UserFilter]]s. */
export interface UserEntryExitPoint {
users: User[];
onUserJoined(callback: UserEntryExitCallback): void;
onUserLeft(callback: UserEntryExitCallback): void;
offUserJoined(callback: UserEntryExitCallback): void;
offUserLeft(callback: UserEntryExitCallback): void;
/** Base class for classes that filter out users from MRE awareness */
export abstract class UserFilter implements UserEntryExitPoint {
private joinedCallbacks = new Set<UserEntryExitCallback>();
private leftCallbacks = new Set<UserEntryExitCallback>();
/** The set of joined users, indexed by ID */
protected joinedUsers = new Map<Guid, User>();
/** The set of joined users */
public get users() {
return [...this.joinedUsers.values()];
* Set up the user filter
* @param context An MRE.Context object, or another user filter instance
constructor(protected context: UserEntryExitPoint) {
for (const u of context.users) {
if (this.shouldForwardUserEvent(u, 'joined')) {
this.joinedUsers.set(, u);
this.context.onUserJoined(u => this.onUpstreamUserJoined(u));
this.context.onUserLeft(u => this.onUpstreamUserLeft(u));
/** Register a callback that will be called when a user that passes the filter joins the MRE session */
public onUserJoined(callback: UserEntryExitCallback) {
/** Deregister an [[onUserJoined]] callback */
public offUserJoined(callback: UserEntryExitCallback) {
/** Register a callback that will be called when a user that passes the filter leaves the MRE session */
public onUserLeft(callback: UserEntryExitCallback) {
/** Deregister an [[onUserLeft]] callback */
public offUserLeft(callback: UserEntryExitCallback) {
/** Process an input event only from users that pass the filter */
public filterInput<T = void>(eventHandler: ActionHandler<T>): ActionHandler<T> {
return (user: User, data: T) => {
if (this.shouldForwardUserEvent(user, 'input')) {
eventHandler(user, data);
/** Evaluates whether a user should be accepted by the filter for the given event type */
protected abstract shouldForwardUserEvent(user: User, type: UserInteractionType): boolean;
private onUpstreamUserJoined(user: User) {
if (this.shouldForwardUserEvent(user, 'joined')) {
this.joinedUsers.set(, user);
for (const cb of this.joinedCallbacks) {
private onUpstreamUserLeft(user: User) {
if (this.joinedUsers.has( {
for (const cb of this.leftCallbacks) {