Community content proposals for MSDN.
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MSDN Community Content Suggestions

Community content proposals for MSDN.

##MVP Summit Hackathon - Priority Focus Content If you are looking for content to contribute to, there is a number of articles that require immediate attention. Check out the following:

###Visual Studio | Article | Link | | :------ | :------ | | How to: Enable Debugging for ASP.NET Applications| Open| |Sub or Function not defined (Visual Basic)|Open| |How to: Add a Reference to a Web Service|Open| |Using CString|Open| |Redistributing Visual C++ Files|Open| |Output Window|Open| |Fatal Error C1083|Open| |implicit (C# Reference)|Open| |Lock and unlock folders or files|Open| |Linker Options|Open| |Program Structure and Code Conventions (Visual Basic)|Open| |NMAKE Reference|Open| |How to: Create and Edit Configurations|Open| |CType Function (Visual Basic)|Open| |Choose a process template, work with team project artifacts|Open| |Compiler Error CS0246|Open| |Debugging DLL Projects|Open| |Installing and Configuring Test Agents and Test Controllers|Open| |Understanding Build Configurations|Open| |How to: Change the Build Output Directory|Open| |Toolbox|Open|

###WinForms | Article | Link | | :------ | :------ | |Design-Time Errors in the Windows Forms Designer|Open| |How to: Get and Set the Current Cell in the Windows Forms DataGridView Control|Open| |User Input Validation in Windows Forms|Open| |How to: Bind a Windows Forms ComboBox or ListBox Control to Data|Open| |How to: Add Load, Save, and Cancel Buttons to the Windows Forms BindingNavigator Control|Open| |How to: Select an Item in the Windows Forms ListView Control|Open| |How to: Bind Objects to Windows Forms DataGridView Controls|Open|

###Misc | Article | Link | | :------ | :------ | |IEnumerable Interface|Open| |How to: Read Text from a File|Open| |How to: Display Localized Date and Time Information to Web Users|Open| |How To: Write User Settings at Run Time with C#|Open| |Task.ConfigureAwait Method (Boolean)|Open| |HttpRequest.Cookies Property|Open|