@Suraiya-Hameed Suraiya-Hameed released this May 1, 2017 · 1157 commits to master since this release

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  • Added support for data type LONGVARCHAR, LONGNVARCHAR, LONGVARBINARY and SQLXML in TVP #259
  • Added new connection property to accept custom JAAS configuration for Kerberos #254
  • Added support for server cursor with TVP #234
  • Experimental Feature: Added new connection property to support network timeout #253
  • Added support to authenticate Kerberos with principal and password #163
  • Added temporal types to BulkCopyCSVTestInput.csv #262
  • Added automatic detection of REALM in SPN needed for Cross Domain authentication #40


  • Updated minor semantics #232
  • Cleaned up Azure Active Directory (AAD) Authentication methods #256
  • Updated permission check before setting network timeout #255

Fixed Issues

  • Turn TNIR (TransparentNetworkIPResolution) off for Azure Active Directory (AAD) Authentication and changed TNIR multipliers #240
  • Wrapped ClassCastException in BulkCopy with SQLServerException #260
  • Initialized the XA transaction manager for each XAResource #257
  • Fixed BigDecimal scale rounding issue in BulkCopy #230
  • Fixed the invalid exception thrown when stored procedure does not exist is used with TVP #265