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@yds05 yds05 released this Dec 5, 2018

Major Features

New Platform Support

  • Support launch NNI experiment on MAC

New Tuner Support

New Training Service Support

OpenPAI Training Service Improvements

*  Support NNI Manager IP configuration(nniManagerIp) in PAI cluster config file, to fix the issue that user’s machine has no eth0 device 
*  File number in codeDir is capped to 1000 now, to avoid user mistakenly fill root dir for codeDir
*  Don’t print useless ‘metrics is empty’ log int PAI job’s stdout. Only print useful message once new metrics are recorded, to reduce confusion when user checks PAI trial’s output for debugging purpose
*  Add timestamp at the beginning of each log entry in trial keeper.
*  Show trial's hdfsLogPath

WebUI Improvements and updates

*  Download experiment parameters
*  UI support for hyperband tuner
*  Show experiment error message 
*  Show line numbers in search space and trial profile
*  Support search a specific trial by trial number
*  Remove tensorboard button 


  • Asynchronous dispatcher
  • Docker file update: added pytorch library
  • Refactor 'nnictl stop' process, send SIGTERM to nni manager process, rather than calling stop Rest API
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