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@sarojcare sarojcare released this Jan 7, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

Open Management Infrastructure


Release Notes

  •  Added support for TLS 1.2
  •  Provided 64 bit package for AIX & HPUX
  •  Added support for Suse-15 (ThunderBird and Leap)
  •  Added support for Suse 12 PPC
  •  Enabled Logrotate
  •  Support dropped for openssl 0.9.8
  •  Support dropped for x86 Platform.

Issues Fixed in this Release

  •  Installation issues on Ubuntu 14 & 16 platforms

Package Checksums

Package MD5 Checksum
omi-1.6.0-0.ssl_100.ulinux.x64.deb 48e63be727e5d249c7d57babc9d4ce96
omi-1.6.0-0.ssl_100.ulinux.x64.rpm 0e590ef1c68a987fdb0ba34370afc0cc
omi-1.6.0-0.ssl_110.ulinux.x64.deb fc051e63f249d79583febaf8bff29da4
omi-1.6.0-0.ssl_110.ulinux.x64.rpm 80715c2a7505996385686124fe8120cf

Installing OMI

RPM and DEB packages are provided for the installation of OMI on most enterprise Linux distributions. To install OMI, download the correct package for your Linux computer. Choose from:

  • RPM or Debian package format
  • OpenSSL version 1.0.x, or 1.1.x. (To determine your OpenSSL version, run: openssl version)

Installation examples:
Ubuntu 16.04, x64:
sudo dpkg -i ./omi-1.6.0-0.ssl_100.ulinux.x64.deb

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, or CentOS 6/7, x64:
sudo rpm -Uvh ./omi-1.6.0-0.ssl_100.ulinux.x64.rpm

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