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Deploying and maintaining Open edX on Azure

Deploying single machine instance (for development and test)

Execute on any Ubuntu 16 machine.

Common parameter argument options: pick a cell from each column. The first row is what happens when no additional parameter arguments are provided.

--role or -r or
--stack or -s
--branches or -b credential parameter arguments --msft-oauth
fullstack (default) edge (default)
(oxa/dev.fic branches)
randomly generated (default) off (default)
devstack ginkgo
(edx repositories and
open-release/ginkgo.1 tag)
--default-password or -d
(set all passwords to anyString)
(oxa/release.fic branches)
(oxa/master.fic branches)
(edx repositories and
open-release/ficus.1 tag)
  edit to specify custom
remote urls and branches directly
edit to specify custom
usernames and passwords directly

For example: sudo OR sudo bash -r devstack -b stable -d hokiePokiePass11 --msft-oauth prod

What's been tested: server edition on azure, desktop edition in virtualbox VM, docker containers with systemd. Please open an "issue" in Github if you encounter any problems.

Deploying high availability instance (for production-like environments)



  • 100628 more documentation for onebox (fullstack and devstack) deployments like
    • more details on the various way of provisioning the OS
    • hyperlinks to edx documentation for using fullstack and devstack deployments