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How to install

If you would like to install the Power BI visuals TooltipUtils to your custom visual please pay attention to these items:


To use the package you should have the following things:


To install the package you should run the following command in the directory with your current custom visual:

npm install powerbi-visuals-utils-tooltiputils --save

This command installs the package and adds a package as a dependency to your package.json

Including declarations to the build flow

The package contains d.ts declarations file, it's necessary for TypeScript compiler and it helps to develop your visuals fast and confident. You should add the following files to the files property of tsconfig.json:

  • node_modules/powerbi-visuals-utils-tooltiputils/lib/index.d.ts

As a result you will have the following file structure:

  "compilerOptions": {...},
  "files": [

Including JavaScript artifacts to the custom visual

To use the package with your custom visuals you should add the following files to the externalJS property of pbiviz.json:

  • node_modules/d3/d3.min.js
  • node_modules/powerbi-visuals-utils-tooltiputils/lib/index.js

As a result you will have the following file structure:

  "visual": {...},
  "apiVersion": ...,
  "author": {...},
  "assets": {...},
  "externalJS": [
  "style": ...,
  "capabilities": ...

That's it. 🚀 🤘 That's a good time to read our Usage Guide.

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