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declare namespace pxt {
type CodeCardType = "file" | "example" | "codeExample" | "tutorial" | "side" | "template" | "package" | "hw" | "forumUrl";
type CodeCardEditorType = "blocks" | "js" | "py";
interface Map<T> {
[index: string]: T;
interface TargetVersions {
target: string;
pxt?: string;
pxtCrowdinBranch?: string;
targetCrowdinBranch?: string;
tag?: string;
branch?: string;
commits?: string; // URL
interface Size {
width: number;
height: number;
* The schema for the pxt.json package files
interface PackageConfig {
name: string;
version?: string;
installedVersion?: string;
// url to icon -- support for built-in packages only
icon?: string;
// semver description for support target version
documentation?: string; // doc page to open when loading project
targetVersions?: TargetVersions; // versions of the target/pxt the package was compiled against
description?: string;
dependencies: Map<string>;
license?: string;
authors?: string[];
files: string[];
simFiles?: string[];
testFiles?: string[];
preferredEditor?: string; // tsprj, blocksprj, pyprj
testDependencies?: pxt.Map<string>;
cppDependencies?: pxt.Map<string>;
public?: boolean;
binaryonly?: boolean;
platformio?: PlatformIOConfig;
compileServiceVariant?: string;
palette?: string[];
screenSize?: Size;
yotta?: YottaConfig;
npmDependencies?: Map<string>;
card?: CodeCard;
additionalFilePath?: string;
additionalFilePaths?: string[];
core?: boolean;
// used for sorting for core packages
weight?: number;
gistId?: string;
extension?: PackageExtension; // describe the associated extension if any
dalDTS?: {
corePackage?: string;
includeDirs?: string[];
excludePrefix?: string[];
features?: string[];
hidden?: boolean; // hide package from package selection dialog
skipLocalization?: boolean;
snippetBuilders?: SnippetConfig[];
experimentalHw?: boolean;
interface PackageExtension {
namespace?: string; // Namespace to add the button under, defaults to package name
label?: string; // Label for the flyout button, defaults to `Editor`
color?: string; // for new category, category color
advanced?: boolean; // for new category, is category advanced
localUrl?: string; // local debugging URL used when served through pxt serve and debugExtensions=1 mode
interface PlatformIOConfig {
dependencies?: Map<string>;
interface CompilationConfig {
description: string;
config: any;
interface YottaConfig {
dependencies?: Map<string>;
config?: any;
* Overridable config flags
optionalConfig?: any;
userConfigs?: CompilationConfig[];
/* deprecated */
configIsJustDefaults?: boolean;
/* deprecated */
ignoreConflicts?: boolean;
interface CodeCard {
name?: string;
shortName?: string;
title?: string;
role?: string;
ariaLabel?: string;
label?: string;
labelIcon?: string;
labelClass?: string;
tags?: string[]; // tags shown in home screen, colors specified in theme
tabIndex?: number;
color?: string; // one of semantic ui colors
description?: string;
extracontent?: string;
blocksXml?: string;
typeScript?: string;
imageUrl?: string;
largeImageUrl?: string;
youTubeId?: string;
time?: number;
url?: string;
learnMoreUrl?: string;
buyUrl?: string;
feedbackUrl?: string;
responsive?: boolean;
cardType?: CodeCardType;
editor?: CodeCardEditorType;
header?: string;
any?: number;
hardware?: number;
software?: number;
blocks?: number;
javascript?: number;
tutorialStep?: number;
tutorialLength?: number;
icon?: string;
iconContent?: string; // Text instead of icon name
iconColor?: string;
onClick?: (e: any) => void; // React event
onLabelClicked?: (e: any) => void;
target?: string;
className?: string;
variant?: string;
interface JRes {
id: string; // something like "sounds.bark"
data: string;
dataEncoding?: string; // must be "base64" or missing (meaning the same)
icon?: string; // URL (usually data-URI) for the icon
namespace?: string; // used to construct id
mimeType: string;
interface SnippetConfig {
name: string;
namespace: string;
group?: string;
label: string;
outputType: string;
initialOutput?: string;
questions: SnippetQuestions[];
type SnippetAnswerTypes = 'number' | 'text' | 'dropdown' | 'spriteEditor' | string; // TODO(jb) Should include custom answer types for number, enums, string, image
interface SnippetGoToOptions {
question?: number;
validate?: SnippetValidate;
parameters?: SnippetParameters;
interface SnippetOutputOptions {
type: 'error' | 'hint';
output: string;
interface SnippetParameters {
output?: SnippetOutputOptions;
goto?: SnippetGoToOptions;
interface SnippetQuestionInput {
answerToken: string;
defaultAnswer: SnippetAnswerTypes;
type?: string;
label?: string;
max?: number;
min?: number;
options?: pxt.Map<string>;
interface SnippetValidateRegex {
token: string;
regex: string;
match?: SnippetParameters;
noMatch?: SnippetParameters;
interface SnippetValidate {
regex?: SnippetValidateRegex;
interface SnippetQuestions {
title: string;
output?: string;
errorMessage?: string;
goto?: SnippetGoToOptions;
inputs: SnippetQuestionInput[];
hint?: string;
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