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Redux Dynamic Modules

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What is it?

redux-dynamic-modules is a library that aims to make Redux Reducers and middleware easy to modular-ize and add/remove dynamically.


In large Javascript applications, it is often desired to perform some kind of code-splitting, so that the initial script size is small. However, in Redux, you are required to define your reducers and middleware up-front; there is no good way to dynamically add/remove these constructs at runtime.

redux-dynamic-modules is designed to make dynamically loading these constructs easier. You can define a module, which contains reducers and middleware, and add it to the Redux store at runtime. We also provide a React component DynamicModuleLoader, which can load/unload modules on mount/unmount.

Modules provide the following benefits:

  • Modules can be easily re-used across the application, or between multiple similar applications.
  • Components declare the modules needed by them and redux-dynamic-modules ensures that the module is loaded for the component.
  • Modules can be added/removed from the store dynamically, ex. when a component mounts or when a user performs an action


  • Group together reducers, middleware, and state into a single, re-usable module.
  • Add and remove modules from a Redux store at any time.
  • Use the included <DynamicModuleLoader /> component to automatically add a module when a component is rendered
  • Extensions provide integration with popular libraries, including redux-saga and redux-thunk

Example Scenarios

  • You don't want to load the code for all your reducers up front. Define a module for some reducers and use DynamicModuleLoader and a library like react-loadable to download and add your module at runtime.
  • You have some common reducers/middleware that need to be re-used in different areas of your application. Define a module and easily include it in those areas.
  • You have a mono-repo that contains multiple applications which share similar state. Create a package containing some modules and re-use them across your applications



npm install redux-dynamic-modules


yarn add redux-dynamic-modules


  • Create a module with the following format
export function getUsersModule(): IModule<IUserState> {
    return {
        id: "users",
        reducerMap: {
            users: usersReducer,
        // Actions to fire when this module is added/removed
        // initialActions: [],
        // finalActions: []
  • Create a ModuleStore
import { createStore, IModuleStore } from "redux-dynamic-modules";
import { getUsersModule } from "./usersModule";

const store: IModuleStore<IState> = createStore({
      initialState: { /** initial state */ },
      enhancers: [ /** enhancers to include */ ], 
      extensions: [/** extensions to include i.e. getSagaExtension(), getThunkExtension() */],
    /* ...any additional modules */
  • Use like a standard Redux store
  • Use the DynamicModuleLoader React component to add/remove modules when components mount/unmount
<DynamicModuleLoader modules={[getHelloWorldModule()]}>
    <div>Hello World!!</div>



See the Widgets for a quick of example of the library in practice.

Step by step walthrough of start consuming redux-dynamic-modules in the widget app. Youtube


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