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// <copyright file="SqlChangeMonitor.cs" company="Microsoft">
// Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
// </copyright>
using System;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Globalization;
namespace System.Runtime.Caching {
public sealed class SqlChangeMonitor : ChangeMonitor {
private String _uniqueId;
private SqlDependency _sqlDependency;
public override String UniqueId { get { return _uniqueId; } }
private SqlChangeMonitor() {} // hide default .ctor
public SqlChangeMonitor(SqlDependency dependency) {
if (dependency == null) {
throw new ArgumentNullException("dependency");
bool dispose = true;
try {
_sqlDependency = dependency;
_sqlDependency.OnChange += new OnChangeEventHandler(OnDependencyChanged);
_uniqueId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
dispose = false;
finally {
if (dispose) {
protected override void Dispose(bool disposing) {}
private void OnDependencyChanged(Object sender, SqlNotificationEventArgs e) {