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SMLets - SCSM PowerShell Cmdlets
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This project provides cmdlets for System Center Service Manager 2010/2010 SP1/2012/2012 SP1/2012 R2 which can be used to automate common tasks.

Getting started!

  1. Download the .msi and run it
  2. If you had PS running when you installed the .msi, restart PS
  3. Then run "PS> Import-Module SMLets"

Your now ready to use the module.

To learn what's in the module, run the following command: PS>Get-SCSMCommand

To learn which parameters a cmdlets makes use of, run the following command: PS>Get-Help Get-SCSMClass Note: Replace Get-SCSMClass with the cmdlet you want to get parameters for.

To run commands remotely, make use of the -ComputerName parameter.

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