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Contoso Retail Data Warehouse

Loads data from a public Azure Storage Blob into the Contoso Retail Data Warehouse schema in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

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About this sample

  1. Applies to: Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  2. Key features:
  3. Workload: data warehouse
  4. Programming Language: T-SQL
  5. Authors: jrj;barbkess
  6. Update history:

Before you begin

To run this sample, you need the following prerequisites.

Software prerequisites:

  1. Visual Studio 2015 (or higher) with the latest SSDT installed

Azure prerequisites:

  1. A database in Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Run this sample

  1. From Visual Studio, open the SQL Server Object Explorer and connect to your SQL Data Warehouse database.

  2. Open a new query window and run the T-SQL code from there.

Sample details

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