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Workshop: Modernize Your Database with SQL Server 2019

A Microsoft Course from the SQL Server team

About this Workshop

Welcome to this Microsoft solutions workshop on Modernizing Your Database with SQL Server 2019. In this workshop, you'll learn how SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server 2019 can help you to modernizing your database workloads.

This README.MD file explains how the workshop is laid out, what you will learn, and the technologies you will use in this solution.

Learning Objectives

Business Applications of this Workshop

Technologies used in this Workshop

Before Taking this Workshop


Workshop Details

Related Workshops

Workshop Modules

This is a modular workshop, and in each section, you'll learn concepts, technologies, and processes to help you complete the solution.

01 - Why SQL Server 2019 Learn why SQL Server is a new modern data platform for your business
02 - Intelligent Performance Explore the performance capabilities such as Automatic Tuning Intelligent Query Processing, and Lightweight Query Profiling
03 - New Security Capabilities Learn the new security capabilities of SQL Server 2019 such as Always Encrypted with Enclaves, Data Classification, and Static Data Masking
04 - Mission Critical Availability TLearn Mission Critical Availability with SQL Server 2019 such as online indexing, Availability Group Enhancements, and Accelerated Database Recovery
05 - The Modern Development Platform Learn how SQL Server 2019 meets the needs of the modern developer incuding graph database, machine learning built into the database, and extending the T-SQL language with Java
06 - SQL Server on Linux Learn the fundamentals of SQL Server on Linux including deploying and exploring SQL Server capabilities
07 - SQL Server Containers and Kubernetes Learn how to use containers and Kubernetes with SQL Server
08 - SQL Server Data Virtualization Learn new data virtualization capabilties of SQL Server 2019 with Polybase and Big Data Clusters
09 - What Else is New Learn what other new features you can use with SQL Server 2019
10 - Migration and Next Steps Learn how to migrate to SQL Server 2019 and your next steps

Next Steps

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