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We have recently found an issue where if you are using Query Store feature with SQL Server 2017 CU2, and later upgrade to SQL Server 2017 CU3 (or higher when available), an attempt to use the stored showplan fails. This includes the ability to force a specific plan captured by Query Store while SQL Server 2017 CU2 (14.0.3008.27) was installed, while already running with CU3 (14.0.3015.40). As such, to assist DBAs in removing any of the affected plans collected while SQL Server 2017 CU2 was installed, we have created this T-SQL script to remove only the affected plans in Query Store. Execute it immediately after installing SQL Server 2017 CU3 or above. The respective KB articles for SQL Server 2017 CU2 and CU3 will be updated to reflect this recommendation.

Note: any query plans captured by Query Store in versions prior to 14.0.3008.27 are not affected. Only plans captured in 14.0.3008.27.

Note2: While Query Store is also available in SQL Server 2016, this version is not affected in any build.