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Tracks is Track Point Monitor API sample focusing on visualising the routes on the screen.

  1. Instructions

Learn about the Lumia SensorCore SDK from the Lumia Developer's Library. The example requires the Lumia SensorCore SDK's NuGet package but will retrieve it automatically (if missing) on first build.

To build the application you need to have Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone SDK 8.1 installed.

Using the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK:

  1. Open the SLN file: File > Open Project, select the file tracks.sln
  2. Remove the "AnyCPU" configuration (not supported by the Lumia SensorCore SDK) or simply select ARM
  3. Select the target 'Device'.
  4. Press F5 to build the project and run it on the device.

Please see the official documentation for deploying and testing applications on Windows Phone devices:

  1. Implementation

Important files and classes:

The core of this app's implementation is in MapPage.xaml.Sensors.cs. We can get the known track points from the TrackPointMonitor class by querying the GetTrackPointsAsync method. The list will include all track points that the phone has registered within the timespan provided.

The API is called through the CallSensorcoreApiAsync() helper function, which helps handling the typical errors, like required features being disabled in the system settings.

Required capabilities:

The SensorSore SDK (via its NuGet package) automatically inserts in the manifest file the capabilities required for it to work:

<DeviceCapability Name="location" />
<m2:DeviceCapability Name="humaninterfacedevice">
  <m2:Device Id="vidpid:0421 0716">
    <m2:Function Type="usage:ffaa 0001" />
    <m2:Function Type="usage:ffee 0001" />
    <m2:Function Type="usage:ffee 0002" />
    <m2:Function Type="usage:ffee 0003" />
    <m2:Function Type="usage:ffee 0004" />
  1. Version history

  • Version Updated to use latest Lumia SensorCore SDK 1.1 Preview
  • Version Some bug fixes made in this release
  • Version 1.2.1: Bug fixes
  • Version 1.2:
  • Updated to use version 1.0 of Lumia SensorCore SDK
  • Full screen mode added
  • Overlay text indicating the active date filter selection added on the map view
  • Default/opening view changed to “Today” (from previous “All”)
  • Version 1.0: The first release.

Project Release Download
Tracks v1.2.1.3
Tracks v1.2.1.1
Tracks v1.2.1
Tracks v1.0
  1. See also

The projects listed below are exemplifying the usage of the SensorCore APIs


Lumia SensorCore SDK sample for Track Point Monitor API.


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