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Source: azmq
Version: 2020-03-03
Build-Depends: boost-asio, boost-assert, boost-config, boost-container, boost-format, boost-intrusive, boost-iterator, boost-lexical-cast, boost-logic, boost-optional, boost-random, boost-range, boost-regex, boost-system, boost-thread, boost-utility, zeromq
Description: Boost Asio style bindings for ZeroMQ
This library is built on top of ZeroMQ's standard C interface and is intended to work well with C++ applications which use the Boost libraries in general, and Asio in particular.
The main abstraction exposed by the library is azmq::socket which provides an Asio style socket interface to the underlying zeromq socket and interfaces with Asio's io_service(). The socket implementation participates in the io_service's reactor for asynchronous IO and may be freely mixed with other Asio socket types (raw TCP/UDP/Serial/etc.).