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cenit and cbezault [many ports] improvements for linux/wsl (#6730)
* [many ports] improve compatibility with WSL and mixed case filesystems

* [treehopper] express dependency on libusb, which was not working on non-win32 platforms and is still broken there

* [libharu] add compatibility with non-win32 platforms

* [geogram] fix openblas on linux
[clapack] better integration with linux environment
[visit-struct] put cmake config file in the expected folder
[geogram] remove trailing underscore to enable compatibility with OpenBLAS

* [openblas] playing with underscore, without success

* [openblas/lapack] fix library integration

* [clapack] improve target handling in cmake module

* [openblas] promote self-generated config to default cmake module, otherwise internal ones thinks wrongly that openblas can also solve lapack libs

* [clapack,openblas] improve libraries integration

* [many ports] fix cmake unnecessary target paths, wrong config paths, empty default dependencies, unnecessary [core] tags

* [suitesparse] improve integration with new lapack/openblas mechanism

* [suitesparse] add no underscore postfix also for linux

* [ceres] fix integration with newer openblas/lapack configs

* [aws-c-event-stream] fix regression

* [systemc] fix regression

* [libwebp,geogram] trigger rebuild

* [libwebp,pthread4w] fix regressions

* [glbinding] fix cmake module installation

* [globjects] disentangle unnecessary dependency from qt5

* [jasper] remove broken and unnecessary patches

* [libwebp] fix regression

* [many ports] avoid using BUILD_SHARED_LIBS which is uninitialized in port files

* [clapack] correctly find dlls

* [clapack] use a generic blas as dependency

* [fizz,g2o] restore expected version

* fix mistake

* [many ports] remove WIN32, APPLE and UNIX (again, they keep creeping in) from ports since they are broken and usually break non-win32 ports

* [libressl,openssl] do not try to build one if the other is already installed

* [itk] update ref and patch to avoid regression

* [libressl,openssl] implement full strategy to fix CI

* [libwebp] disable components that are broken on macOS

* [ogre] enable macOS build

* [freeimage,jxrlib,ogre,openexr,protobuf] port patches from #5169

* [ogre] add missing install command

* [ffmpeg] enable wrapper for cmake module

* [ffmpeg] add avresample module finder

* [ffmpeg] improve module detection and exported symbols

* [ffmpeg] add variables to cache

* [thrift] remove unnecessary build option

* [allegro5] fix shared/static inversion

* [protobuf] cleanup

* [libressl] cleanup

* [moos-core] cleanup

* commented features must not be separated from other features, otherwise vcpkg complains

* [itk] fix regression

* [shogun,itk] fix regressions

* [ogre] fix regression

* [opusfile] add compatibility with non-win32

* [itk] fix regression

* [sndfile,libsndfile] remove duplicate, redirect sndfile to libsndfile

* add missing dependencies

* [ismrmrd] fix regression

* [ffmpeg] trigger rebuild

* [clapack,openblas,libogg] fix regressions on macOS

* [libtins] fix regression

* force rebuild windows regressions, unable to reproduce locally

* [mosquitto] enable non-win32 builds

* [json-dto] force rebuild, unable to reproduce regression locally

* [many ports] uniform naming and path length requests

* fix regression

* fix regression

* [ffmpeg] fixes for downstream projects

* clean up - thanks to reviewers

* trigger rebuild of regressions on macOS

* trigger rebuild of regressions on macOS - part2

* Add core back


* Add core back to suitesparse

* Add core back to curl

* Add core back to magnum

* Add core back to magnum

* Add core back to magnum

* Add core back to cgal
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CONTROL [many ports] improvements for linux/wsl (#6730) Jun 21, 2019
portfile.cmake [many ports] improvements for linux/wsl (#6730) Jun 21, 2019
usage [openssl] Add usage file Jul 17, 2018
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