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// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. See License.txt in the project root for license information.
module internal Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.IlxGen
open System
open System.IO
open System.Reflection
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.AbstractIL.IL
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Tast
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.TcGlobals
/// Indicates how the generated IL code is ultimately emitted
type IlxGenBackend =
| IlWriteBackend
| IlReflectBackend
[<NoEquality; NoComparison>]
type internal IlxGenOptions =
{ fragName : string
/// Indicates if we are generating filter blocks
generateFilterBlocks : bool
/// Indicates if we should workaround old reflection emit bugs
workAroundReflectionEmitBugs : bool
/// Indicates if static array data should be emitted using static blobs
emitConstantArraysUsingStaticDataBlobs : bool
/// If this is set, then the last module becomes the "main" module
mainMethodInfo : Attribs option
/// Indicates if local optimizations are active
localOptimizationsAreOn : bool
/// Indicates if we are generating debug symbols or not
generateDebugSymbols : bool
/// A flag to help test emit of debug information
testFlagEmitFeeFeeAs100001 : bool
/// Indicates which backend we are generating code for
ilxBackend : IlxGenBackend
/// Indicates the code is being generated in FSI.EXE and is executed immediately after code generation
/// This includes all interactively compiled code, including #load, definitions, and expressions
isInteractive : bool
/// Indicates the code generated is an interactive 'it' expression. We generate a setter to allow clearing of the underlying
/// storage, even though 'it' is not logically mutable
isInteractiveItExpr : bool
/// Indicates that, whenever possible, use callvirt instead of call
alwaysCallVirt : bool }
/// The results of the ILX compilation of one fragment of an assembly
type public IlxGenResults =
{ /// The generated IL/ILX type definitions
ilTypeDefs : ILTypeDef list
/// The generated IL/ILX assembly attributes
ilAssemAttrs : ILAttribute list
/// The generated IL/ILX .NET module attributes
ilNetModuleAttrs : ILAttribute list
/// The generated IL/ILX resources associated with F# quotations
quotationResourceInfo : (ILTypeRef list * byte[]) list }
/// Used to support the compilation-inversion operations "ClearGeneratedValue" and "LookupGeneratedValue"
type ExecutionContext =
{ LookupFieldRef : (ILFieldRef -> FieldInfo)
LookupMethodRef : (ILMethodRef -> MethodInfo)
LookupTypeRef : (ILTypeRef -> Type)
LookupType : (ILType -> Type) }
/// An incremental ILX code generator for a single assembly
type public IlxAssemblyGenerator =
/// Create an incremental ILX code generator for a single assembly
new : Import.ImportMap * TcGlobals * ConstraintSolver.TcValF * CcuThunk -> IlxAssemblyGenerator
/// Register a set of referenced assemblies with the ILX code generator
member AddExternalCcus : CcuThunk list -> unit
/// Register a fragment of the current assembly with the ILX code generator. If 'isIncrementalFragment' is true then the input
/// is assumed to be a fragment 'typed' into FSI.EXE, otherwise the input is assumed to be the result of a '#load'
member AddIncrementalLocalAssemblyFragment : isIncrementalFragment: bool * fragName:string * typedImplFiles: TypedImplFile list -> unit
/// Generate ILX code for an assembly fragment
member GenerateCode : IlxGenOptions * TypedAssemblyAfterOptimization * Attribs * Attribs -> IlxGenResults
/// Create the CAS permission sets for an assembly fragment
member CreatePermissionSets : Attrib list -> ILSecurityDecl list
/// Invert the compilation of the given value and clear the storage of the value
member ClearGeneratedValue : ExecutionContext * Val -> unit
/// Invert the compilation of the given value and return its current dynamic value and its compiled System.Type
member LookupGeneratedValue : ExecutionContext * Val -> (obj * System.Type) option
val ReportStatistics : TextWriter -> unit
val IsValCompiledAsMethod : TcGlobals -> Val -> bool