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// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. See License.txt in the project root for license information.
module internal Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.CommandLineMain
open System
open System.Diagnostics
open System.IO
open System.Reflection
open System.Runtime.CompilerServices
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.AbstractIL
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.AbstractIL.IL
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.AbstractIL.ILBinaryReader
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.ErrorLogger
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Driver
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Lib
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Range
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.CompileOps
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.AbstractIL.Internal.Library
open Internal.Utilities
open Microsoft.FSharp.Core.ReflectionAdapters
do ()
module Driver =
let main argv =
let ctok = AssumeCompilationThreadWithoutEvidence ()
// Check for --pause as the very first step so that a compiler can be attached here.
let pauseFlag = argv |> Array.exists (fun x -> x = "/pause" || x = "--pause")
if pauseFlag then
System.Console.WriteLine("Press return to continue...")
System.Console.ReadLine() |> ignore
let timesFlag = argv |> Array.exists (fun x -> x = "/times" || x = "--times")
if timesFlag then
let stats = ILBinaryReader.GetStatistics()
AppDomain.CurrentDomain.ProcessExit.Add(fun _ -> printfn "STATS: #ByteArrayFile = %d, #MemoryMappedFileOpen = %d, #MemoryMappedFileClosed = %d, #RawMemoryFile = %d, #WeakByteArrayFile = %d" stats.byteFileCount stats.memoryMapFileOpenedCount stats.memoryMapFileClosedCount stats.rawMemoryFileCount stats.weakByteFileCount)
let quitProcessExiter =
{ new Exiter with
member x.Exit(n) =
exit n
with _ ->
failwithf "%s" <| FSComp.SR.elSysEnvExitDidntExit()
let legacyReferenceResolver =
// This is the only place where ReduceMemoryFlag.No is set. This is because fsc.exe is not a long-running process and
// thus we can use file-locking memory mapped files.
// This is also one of only two places where CopyFSharpCoreFlag.Yes is set. The other is in LegacyHostedCompilerForTesting.
mainCompile (ctok, argv, legacyReferenceResolver, (*bannerAlreadyPrinted*)false, ReduceMemoryFlag.No, CopyFSharpCoreFlag.Yes, quitProcessExiter, ConsoleLoggerProvider(), None, None)
let main(argv) =
System.Runtime.GCSettings.LatencyMode <- System.Runtime.GCLatencyMode.Batch
use unwindBuildPhase = PushThreadBuildPhaseUntilUnwind BuildPhase.Parameter
if not runningOnMono then Lib.UnmanagedProcessExecutionOptions.EnableHeapTerminationOnCorruption() (* SDL recommendation *)
Lib.UnmanagedProcessExecutionOptions.EnableHeapTerminationOnCorruption() (* SDL recommendation *)
Driver.main(Array.append [| "fsc.exe" |] argv)
with e ->
errorRecovery e Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Range.range0