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// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. See License.txt in the project root for license information.
/// Functions to import .NET binary metadata as TAST objects
module internal Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Import
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Tast
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.TcGlobals
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.Range
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.AbstractIL.IL
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.AbstractIL.Internal.Library
open Microsoft.FSharp.Compiler.ExtensionTyping
/// Represents an interface to some of the functionality of TcImports, for loading assemblies
/// and accessing information about generated provided assemblies.
type AssemblyLoader =
/// Resolve an Abstract IL assembly reference to a Ccu
abstract FindCcuFromAssemblyRef : CompilationThreadToken * range * ILAssemblyRef -> CcuResolutionResult
/// Get a flag indicating if an assembly is a provided assembly, plus the
/// table of information recording remappings from type names in the provided assembly to type
/// names in the statically linked, embedded assembly.
abstract GetProvidedAssemblyInfo : CompilationThreadToken * range * Tainted<ProvidedAssembly> -> bool * ProvidedAssemblyStaticLinkingMap option
/// Record a root for a [<Generate>] type to help guide static linking & type relocation
abstract RecordGeneratedTypeRoot : ProviderGeneratedType -> unit
/// Represents a context used for converting AbstractIL .NET and provided types to F# internal compiler data structures.
/// Also cache the conversion of AbstractIL ILTypeRef nodes, based on hashes of these.
/// There is normally only one ImportMap for any assembly compilation, though additional instances can be created
/// using tcImports.GetImportMap() if needed, and it is not harmful if multiple instances are used. The object
/// serves as an interface through to the tables stored in the primary TcImports structures defined in CompileOps.fs.
type ImportMap =
new : g:TcGlobals * assemblyLoader:AssemblyLoader -> ImportMap
/// The AssemblyLoader for the import context
member assemblyLoader : AssemblyLoader
/// The TcGlobals for the import context
member g : TcGlobals
/// Import a reference to a type definition, given an AbstractIL ILTypeRef, with caching
val internal ImportILTypeRef : ImportMap -> range -> ILTypeRef -> TyconRef
/// Pre-check for ability to import a reference to a type definition, given an AbstractIL ILTypeRef, with caching
val internal CanImportILTypeRef : ImportMap -> range -> ILTypeRef -> bool
/// Import an IL type as an F# type.
val internal ImportILType : ImportMap -> range -> TType list -> ILType -> TType
/// Pre-check for ability to import an IL type as an F# type.
val internal CanImportILType : ImportMap -> range -> ILType -> bool
/// Import a provided type as an F# type.
val internal ImportProvidedType : ImportMap -> range -> (* TType list -> *) Tainted<ProvidedType> -> TType
/// Import a provided type reference as an F# type TyconRef
val internal ImportProvidedNamedType : ImportMap -> range -> (* TType list -> *) Tainted<ProvidedType> -> TyconRef
/// Import a provided type as an AbstractIL type
val internal ImportProvidedTypeAsILType : ImportMap -> range -> Tainted<ProvidedType> -> ILType
/// Import a provided method reference as an Abstract IL method reference
val internal ImportProvidedMethodBaseAsILMethodRef : ImportMap -> range -> Tainted<ProvidedMethodBase> -> ILMethodRef
/// Import a set of Abstract IL generic parameter specifications as a list of new F# generic parameters.
val internal ImportILGenericParameters : (unit -> ImportMap) -> range -> ILScopeRef -> TType list -> ILGenericParameterDef list -> Typar list
/// Import an IL assembly as a new TAST CCU
val internal ImportILAssembly : (unit -> ImportMap) * range * (ILScopeRef -> ILModuleDef) * ILScopeRef * sourceDir:string * filename: string option * ILModuleDef * IEvent<string> -> CcuThunk
/// Import the type forwarder table for an IL assembly
val internal ImportILAssemblyTypeForwarders : (unit -> ImportMap) * range * ILExportedTypesAndForwarders -> Map<(string array * string), Lazy<EntityRef>>