F# 4.0 Status

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Status of F# 4.0 Approved Language/Library Items

To learn more about F# and how it is used, please see http://fsharp.org.

The evolution of the F# language is managed through a collaborative, open design process. Don Syme from Microsoft Research is the BDFL for the language design process.

Language suggestions are made through F# Language User Voice. See Approved Items for the list of approved language items, it should match the status list below.

Feature Specifications

F# 4.0 Speclets.

Language (Approved + Designed Items)

Feature Area Assigned To Pull Request Status
printf units of measure Language @dsyme PR committed
Extension property initializers Language Edward Paul, @forki PR committed
Non-null provided types Language @dsyme PR committed
Class names as functions Language @dsyme PR committed
Static params for provided methods Language @dsyme PR committed
Allow use of FSharp.* Language @dsyme PR committed
Inherit from multiple interface instantiations Language @dsyme PR committed
Implicit quotation of arg expressions Language @dsyme PR committed
Extended #if grammar Language Marten Range PR committed
Automatically convert captured mutable locals into refs Language Matthew Parkinson PR committed
Rational exponents for units Language Andrew Kennedy PR committed
Add a module of efficient non-structural equality/comparison operators Language, Library @dsyme PR committed
Support for multiple properties in StructuredFormatDisplayAttribute Language ledbutter PR committed
Provided C#-style extension members language @dsyme PR cut for 4.0
printf interpolation Language @v2_matveev Early prototype cut for 4.0
Tag and Is on DUs Language cut for 4.0
Improved optional parameter interop Language cut for 4.0
Support for fixed Language cut for 4.0
Wildcard 'self' identifiers Language cut for 4.0
Enhance ReflectedDefinition for pattern-match-let-bindings Language cut for 4.0
Enable a compiler-warning when a recursive algorithm is not tail-recursive Language @dsyme started cut for 4.0

##Library: Other

Feature Area Assigned To Pull Request Status
List, Seq, Array additions Library various many committed
Better async stack traces Library @dsyme PR committed
Quotation format improvements Compiler, Library @dsyme PR committed
add WebClient AsyncDownloadFile, AsyncDownloadData Library mexx24 PR committed
Add an active pattern to match constant decimal in quotations Library Veritax PR committed
Async.AwaitTask for non-generic task Library @thinkb4coding PR committed
String.filter and Option.filter Library @rojepp and Mark Seeman PR committed
Slicing syntax for F# lists Library @latkin PR committed
Hash/Eq/Distinct/Group Perf Library (perf) @dsyme PR committed
Use OptimizedClosures FastFunc consistently Library (perf) PatrickMcDonald PR committed
Additional NativePtr intrinsics Library Jack Pappas, @dsyme Modified PR original modified change committed
tryUnbox, isNull, Option.ofObj, toObj, Option.ofNullable, toNullable Library @dsyme PR committed
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