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Examples of dockerfiles and optional supporting scripts to install and use Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 in a container.
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You can install Visual Studio Build Tools into a container to support a consistent, isolated build environment. This repository hosts a number of examples - and is accepting contributions for more, useful examples - you can use to build a container image using Build Tools tailored to your project types and build pipeline. Because these container images can be massive - larger than probably anyone needs - and the permutations of different Windows, Visual Studio, and .NET Framework versions would complicate which version you might need, you are encouraged to use these samples or build on them and publish, if desired, images to your own Docker registry on your LAN or WAN.

Note that Visual Studio Build Tools is licensed as a supplemental license for Visual Studio. Images may only be pushed to repositories to provide pull access to users with a valid Visual Studio license.


To contribute your own sample Dockerfiles and optional support scripts, please see CONTRIBUTING.


This project and all examples herein are licensed under the MIT license. Visual Studio Build Tools is licensed as supplemental license for Visual Studio.

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