A colorizer and set of snippets for LaTeX
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Better LaTeX support is available - Time to Upgrade

I recommend you un-install this extension and use one of the other options such as LaTeX Workshop in it's place. To highlight this to existing users upon activating the extension you will see a new warning message:

Warning Message

I want to keep using the extension - Stop Nagging Me

If you choose to continue to use the extension, click Don't Ask Again in the warning message. Which will create a setting in your VS Code User Settings to suppress the message from coming up again. Delete that setting "LaTeX.StopAsking": true when you do finally uninstall the extension.

We plan to un-publish the extension at some point to prevent new users from finding it when searching for LaTeX support. When this happens any local copy you have will continue to work. There will also be a .VSIX file in the extension repository should you want to get it and load it into VS Code.

Change Log


Added guidance to un-install extension based on other better options existing.