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Atom Keymap for VS Code

This extension ports popular Atom keyboard shortcuts to Visual Studio Code. After installing the extension and restarting VS Code your favorite keyboard shortcuts from Atom are now available.

Changes Introduced in Version 3.0

  • Multi cursor editing changed from alt + click to ctrl (or cmd) + click.
  • Enable format on paste.

All of these features make VS Code more "Atom like." The changes to your User Settings file are as followed.

// Controls whether the prompt will show
"atomKeymap.promptV3Features": true,

// Changes the multi cursor mouse binding
"editor.multiCursorModifier": "ctrlCmd",

// Controls whether format on paste is on or off
"editor.formatOnPaste": true

Tip: If you want to see the prompt again simply change atomKeymap.promptV3Features to false and restart VS Code.

Why don't some Atom commands work?

This is because VS Code has not implemented those features. Head on over to this GitHub issue and let the VS Code team know what you'd like to see.

Additionally, you can install an extension for many of these features:

How do I contribute a keyboard shortcut?

We may have missed a keyboard shortcut. If we did please help us out! It is very easy to make a PR.

  1. Head over to our GitHub repository.
  2. Open package.json.
  3. Add a JSON object to contributes.keybindings as seen below.
  4. Open a pull request.
    "mac": "<keyboard shortcut for mac>",
    "linux": "<keyboard shortcut for linux>",
    "win": "<keyboard shortcut for windows>",
    "key": "<default keyboard shortcut>",
    "command": "<name of the command in VS Code>"

You can read more about how to contribute keybindings in extensions in the official documentation.

What keyboard shortcuts are included?

Command Mac Windows Linux
explorer.newFile a a a
explorer.newFolder shift+a shift+a shift+a
explorer.openToSide cmd+1 ctrl+1 ctrl+1
moveFileToTrash backspace backspace backspace
filesExplorer.copy cmd+c ctrl+c ctrl+c
list.collapse h h h
list.expand l l l
list.focusDown j j j
list.focusUp k k k
workbench.action.toggleZenMode cmd+shift+ctrl+f shift+f11 shift+f11
editor.action.moveLinesDownAction ctrl+cmd+down ctrl+down ctrl+down
editor.action.moveLinesUpAction ctrl+cmd+up ctrl+up ctrl+up
editor.action.copyLinesDownAction cmd+shift+d ctrl+shift+d ctrl+shift+d
editor.action.deleteLines ctrl+shift+k ctrl+shift+k ctrl+shift+k
workbench.action.toggleSidebarVisibility cmd+k cmd+b ctrl+k ctrl+b ctrl+k ctrl+b
workbench.action.toggleSidebarVisibility cmd+\ ctrl+\ ctrl+\
workbench.action.splitEditor cmd+k left ctrl+k left ctrl+k left
workbench.action.quickOpen cmd+t ctrl+t undefined
editor.action.formatDocument ctrl-alt-b undefined undefined
workbench.action.quickOpenNavigateNext cmd+b ctrl+b ctrl+b
workbench.action.editor.changeLanguageMode ctrl+shift+l ctrl+shift+l ctrl+shift+l
markdown.showPreviewToSide ctrl+shift+m ctrl+shift+m ctrl+shift+m
workbench.action.reloadWindow ctrl+alt+cmd+l alt+ctrl+r alt+ctrl+r
editor.action.openLink ctrl+shift+o undefined undefined
workbench.action.toggleDevTools alt+cmd+i ctrl+alt+i ctrl+alt+i
editor.action.showSnippets alt+shift+s alt+shift+s alt+shift+s
workbench.action.files.openFolder undefined ctrl+shift+o ctrl+shift+o
workbench.action.files.openFileFolder cmd+shift+o undefined undefined
editor.action.jumpToBracket ctrl+m ctrl+m ctrl+m
expandLineSelection cmd+l ctrl+l ctrl+l
cursorColumnSelectUp ctrl+shift+up undefined shift+alt+up
cursorColumnSelectDown ctrl+shift+down undefined shift+alt+down
editor.action.format ctrl+alt+b alt+shift+f ctrl+shift+i
workbench.action.terminal.toggleTerminal ctrl+alt+t ctrl+` ctrl+`
workbench.action.toggleFullScreen ctrl+cmd+f f11 f11
workbench.action.gotoSymbol cmd+r ctrl+r ctrl+r
editor.fold alt+cmd+[ ctrl+alt+/ ctrl+alt+/
editor.unfold alt+cmd+] ctrl+alt+/ ctrl+alt+/
editor.foldAll alt+shift+cmd+[ ctrl+alt+[ ctrl+alt+[
editor.unfoldAll alt+shift+cmd+] ctrl+alt+] ctrl+alt+]
editor.action.commentLine cmd+shift+7 undefined undefined
editor.unfoldAll alt+shift+cmd+] ctrl+alt+] ctrl+alt+]
editor.unfoldAll cmd+k cmd-0 undefined undefined
workbench.action.zoomIn cmd+= undefined undefined
workbench.action.zoomOut cmd+- undefined undefined
editor.foldLevel1 cmd+k cmd+1 ctrl+k ctrl+1 ctrl+k ctrl+1
editor.foldLevel2 cmd+k cmd+2 ctrl+k ctrl+2 ctrl+k ctrl+2
editor.foldLevel3 cmd+k cmd+3 ctrl+k ctrl+3 ctrl+k ctrl+3
editor.foldLevel4 cmd+k cmd+4 ctrl+k ctrl+4 ctrl+k ctrl+4
editor.foldLevel5 cmd+k cmd+5 ctrl+k ctrl+5 ctrl+k ctrl+5
workbench.action.nextEditor undefined ctrl+pagedown ctrl+pagedown
workbench.action.previousEditor undefined ctrl+pageup ctrl+pageup
editor.action.selectHighlights ctrl+cmd+g alt+f3 alt+f3
editor.action.insertCursorAtEndOfEachLineSelected cmd+shift+l alt+shift+l alt+shift+l
workbench.action.zoomOut cmd+- ctrl+- ctrl+-
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex1 cmd+1 alt+1 alt+1
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex2 cmd+2 alt+2 alt+2
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex3 cmd+3 alt+3 alt+3
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex4 cmd+4 alt+4 alt+4
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex5 cmd+5 alt+5 alt+5
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex6 cmd+6 alt+6 alt+6
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex7 cmd+7 alt+7 alt+7
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex8 cmd+8 alt+8 alt+8
workbench.action.openEditorAtIndex9 cmd+9 alt+9 alt+9
workbench.files.action.showActiveFileInExplorer alt+cmd+\ ctrl+shift+\ ctrl+shift+\
workbench.action.files.copyPathOfActiveFile ctrl+shift+c ctrl+shift+c ctrl+shift+c
workbench.action.openGlobalSettings cmd+, ctrl+, ctrl+,
workbench.action.showAllEditors cmd+b ctrl+b ctrl+b
workbench.action.toggleZenMode cmd+ctrl+shift+f shift+f11 shift+f11
redo cmd+y ctrl+y ctrl+y
editor.action.joinLines cmd+j ctrl+j ctrl+j