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@sean-mcmanus sean-mcmanus released this Aug 17, 2018 · 433 commits to release since this release

New Features

  • Add the C_Cpp.intelliSenseEngine setting value of Disabled (for users who only use the debugger). #785
  • Add C_Cpp.workspaceSymbols setting with default Just My Code to filter out system header symbols. #1119, #2320
  • Add C_Cpp.inactiveRegionForegroundColor and C_Cpp.inactiveRegionBackgroundColor settings. #1620, #2212
  • Add gcc-x64 intelliSenseMode and send the correct clang or gcc version to our parser, fixing various IntelliSense errors. #2112, #2175, #2260, #2299, #2317
  • Make Go to Definition on the definition go to the declaration instead. #2298
  • Add multi-pass environment variable resolution allowing variables defined in terms of other variables. #2057
  • Allow users to use ~ for ${userProfile} on Windows. PR 2333
  • Add support for compiler flags -fms-extensions and -fno-ms-extensions on Windows (the default for MinGW-based compilers). #2363
  • Make completion "show more results" (i.e. inaccessible members) when invoked a 2nd time. #2386

Bug Fixes

  • Fix attach to process for systems without bash by using sh instead. #569
  • Fix IntelliSense crash after hover or completion with _Complex types. #689, #1112
  • Fix files.exclude not working to exclude non-workspace folders from symbol parsing. #1066
  • Fix Switch Header/Source to give results that match the parent folder name before using just the file name. #1085
  • Fix incorrect IntelliSense errors caused by namespace lookup failure when instantiation template arguments in clang mode. #1395, #1559, #1753, #2272
  • Fix missing parameter help when using { for constructors. #1667
  • Fix Mac framework dependencies not being discovered. #1913
  • Fix compilerPath not working with ${workspaceFolder}. #1982
  • Fix red flame getting stuck after modifying c_cpp_properties.json. #2077
  • Don't add empty windowsSDKVersion if none exists. #2300
  • Fix IntelliSense crash when the gcc-8 type_traits header is used. #2323, #2328
  • Limit configuration popups to one at a time. #2324
  • Don't show includePath code actions if compile commands or custom configuration providers are used. #2334
  • Fix Cpp.clang_format_path not accepting environment variables. #2344
  • Fix IntelliSense not working with non-ASCII characters in the WSL install path. #2351
  • Filter out buggy IntelliSense error "= delete" can only appear on the first declaration of a function. #2352
  • Fix IntelliSense failing with WSL if gcc is installed bug g++ isn't. #2360
  • Fix WSL paths starting with /mnt/ failing to get symbols parsed. #2361
  • Fix IntelliSense process crash when hovering over a designated initializer list with an anonymous struct. #2370
  • Stop showing "File: " in completion details for internal compiler defines. #2387
  • Invoke Edit Configurations... when the Configuration Help button is clicked. #2408
  • Fix provider configuration prompt not showing for newly added workspace folders. #2415
  • Fix to allow SIGINT to be sent using the kill -2 command when using pipeTransport.


Download the .vsix that matches your OS and run the "Install from VSIX" command in VS Code.

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