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Intro Videos
Visual Studio Code Introductory Videos
Overview of Visual Studio Code's introductory videos.

Introductory Videos

Start your journey with Visual Studio Code with this set of introductory videos. The videos are designed to give you a quick overview of the various features of VS Code. VS Code comes with JavaScript and TypeScript support out of the box so the videos use JavaScript in the examples.

  • Getting started

    Install and learn the basics of Visual Studio Code.

    Duration 3 min minutes
  • Customize

    Personalize VS Code through settings, themes, keybindings.

    Duration 5 min minutes
  • Extensions

    Extend VS Code with extensions.

    Duration 5 min minutes
  • Code Editing

    Take code editing to the next level.

    Duration 6 min minutes
  • IntelliSense

    Receive intelligent code completions.

    Duration 6 min minutes
  • Debugging

    Getting started with Node.js debugging in VS Code.

    Duration 8 min minutes
  • Version Control

    Learn how to use Git version control in VS Code.

    Duration 3 min minutes

Note: If you would like us to cover other topics, please leave feedback here.

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