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[DEPRECATED] .editorconfig extension for Visual Studio Code
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Editor Config for Visual Studio Code

This version of the Editor Config extension has been deprecated.

Please see editorconfig/editorconfig-vscode for the latest Editor Config extension for VS Code.

The microsoft/vscode-editorconfig extension was initially created to validate the VS Code extension API. This has been a very popular extension that is now actively being enhanced and maintained by the community at editorconfig/editorconfig-vscode.

We are excited to see the community take ownership of this extension. As a result, we are no longer maintaining this version. We recommend that you uninstall the Microsoft version (published by Chris Dias) by bringing up the Command Palette, typing in ext Editor Config, and clicking on the Uninstall icon:

How to uninstall Editor Config extension

Afte restarting VS Code, you can install the latest from the EditorConfig publisher:

How to install latest Editor Config extension

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank the community for taking this on!