References Editor Sample

This is a sample extension that shows how an editor-based representation for the Find References feature can be build.

It is not intended as a product quality extension.

  • Select a symbol
  • Select F1 > Show All References
  • An editor opens to the side and show the references in a textual form

Print References

How it works, what it shows?

  • The extension implements and registers a TextDocumentContentProvider for a particular URI scheme.
  • The content provider uses the vscode.executeReferenceProvider-API command to delegate searching for references to the language extensions, like TypeScript, vscode-go, or C#
  • The generated document initially contains a caption only and incrementally updates as each reference location is resolved.
  • Add links for each result in the virtual document pointing to the reference.
  • Add an entry to editor context menu via package.json

How to run locally

  • npm run compile to start the compiler in watch mode
  • open this folder in VS Code and press F5