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LSP Example for Log Streaming

This is a repository adapted from lsp-sample to demonstrate




  • With vscode-languageclient@5.1.0-next.9, you can specify a JSON log output format with [langId].trace.server as follows:
    "languageServerExample.trace.server": {
      "format": "json", // or "text"
      "verbosity": "verbose" // or "off" | "messages"
  • A webview build of the LSP Inspector can be downloaded here:
  • When using the Webview LSP Inspector, it will open a WebSocket Server taking incoming connection that sends logs following this format.
  • You can stream the JSON log of any Language Server using vscode-languageclient to the LSP Inspector, and it will show a live view of the LSP connection.

Running the Sample

  • Install the LSP Inspector Webview extension
  • Compile and Run this Extension
    • npm install
    • npm run compile
    • F5 to run the extension
  • Add the following setting:
    "languageServerExample.trace.server": {
      "format": "json",
      "verbosity": "verbose"
  • Open a txt file so this Language Server gets activated
  • Run command "LSP Inspector: Start LSP Inspector"
  • Run command "Start Stream Logs into languageServerExample.port"
  • As you are typing, doing auto-completion, many messages should show up in the inspector, such as
    • textDocument/didChange
    • textDocument/completion
    • textDocument/publishDiagnostics
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