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🚨 Deprecated

Please use the new Webview API instead:

CSS Properties Preview Sample

This is an sample extension that illustrates the use of virtual documents or TextDocumentContentProviders together with the vscode.previewHtml command.

It is not intended as a product quality extension.

The purpose of the extension is to show a preview of the properties in the declaration block of a CSS rule. To play with the extension:

  • Open a CSS file
  • Use Show CSS Properties Preview
  • Position the cursor inside the declaration block of the rule
  • The properties are rendered in the preview
  • Edit the properties and the preview is updated


How it works

  • The extension implements and registers a TextDocumentContentProvider for a particular URI scheme.
  • The content provider creates a HTML document that contains the declaration block of the selected CSS rule in the active editor.
  • The generated HTML document contains a link that invokes a contributed command to highlight the CSS rule in the source editor
  • The generated HTML document is then opened in an editor in the 2nd Column using the command vscode.previewHtml.

How to run locally

  • npm install
  • npm run compile to start the compiler in watch mode
  • open this folder in VS Code and press F5