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Yo Code - Extension and Customization Generator

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We have written a Yeoman generator to help get you started. We plan to add templates for most extension/customization types into this.

Install the Generator

Install Yeoman and the VS Code Extension generator:

npm install -g yo generator-code

Run Yo Code

The Yeoman generator will walk you through the steps required to create your customization or extension prompting for the required information.

To launch the generator simply type:

yo code

The command generator

Generator Output

These templates will

  • Create a base folder structure
  • Template out a rough package.json
  • Import any assets required for your extension e.g. tmBundles or the VS Code Library
  • For Extensions: Set-up launch.json for running your extension and attaching to a process


  • 1.0.0: Generates a VS Code extension for TypeScript 2.0.3
  • 0.10.x: Generates a VS Code extension for TypeScript 1.8.10