After upgrade GO to 1.7 version, the Code just won't show intellisense for a variable #441

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Moved from Microsoft/vscode#10639

From @Dmdv

  • VSCode Version: Code 1.4.0 (6276dcb0ae497766056b4c09ea75be1d76a8b679, 2016-08-04T16:45:31.680Z)
  • OS Version: Windows_NT ia32 10.0.10586

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. choose GOLANG environment
  2. start coding, declare import, for example fmt
  3. after typing fmt. and pressing space there is no dropdown hint about available methods, just "Panic"

same issue here. fmt. doesn't work, fmt.Println( works.

kkshetty commented Aug 18, 2016 edited

Same here.

screen shot 2016-08-18 at 5 47 27 pm

Mac OS X 10.11.6
VS Code 1.4.0[ 6276dcb0ae497766056b4c09ea75be1d76a8b679, 2016-08-04T16:39:36.387Z ]
go version go1.7 darwin/amd64


This looks like the same issue as #436 and #425. Running gocode close should fix this.

kkshetty commented Aug 18, 2016 edited

gocode close and go get -u fixed it for me.

Thanks @lukehoban

asaf commented Aug 18, 2016

On MacOS, I had a gocode daemon running, I killed it / gocode close, re-opened studio and everything worked.


Recipe works that's nice, but is it possible to include this gocode restart and update as part of new vscode-go? Or may be in documentation? At least this should be part of Release notes.

Dmdv commented Aug 19, 2016

Recipe worked. Thank you


@tracer0tong I've updated the README with a note. Unfortunately, I'm not sure it's safe/wise for the extension to restart the gocode daemon everything it launches, as that would have performance implications and potentially interact poorly with other tools that use gocode.

hinst commented Aug 22, 2016

I get PANIC PANIC. I removed all tools, then installed all tools but it did not help


@hinst did you run gocode close

utrescu commented Aug 27, 2016

Fedora: Only gocode close does not work.

I need to do gocode close and go get -u to get it working again.


gocode close and go get -u wasn't enough on Arch Linux, I also had to terminate the process manually.

hilljgo commented Sep 14, 2016 edited

gocode will hog up my CPU every ten minutes or so, making my laptop sound like an airplane is about to take off. Having to run gocode close every ten minutes is quite annoying


@hilljgo Please search all previous issues to see if one is similar to your own problem (creating a new issue if not) instead of posting a completely irrelevant comment under this issue where it'll only get lost.


gocode close and go get -u works

Krognol commented Sep 24, 2016

I've tried gocode close and go get -u but neither have fixed this problem for me.

Running Windows 10 64 bit
Go version 1.7.1


I was having this issue and I ran these commands
go get -u
gocode close
gocode -debug -s
In that order and that fixed the issue

Kleissner commented Oct 1, 2016 edited

Not working for me as well. I tried everything from above (including deleting all directories in my src folder and redownloading all the dependencies) but it's still not working. It's just showing "PANIC" instead of the hints.

Windows 10 64-bit, Go 1.7

Got it working now, had to find the gocode.exe binary which is in "%GOPATH%\bin", found there the old file named "gocode.exe~" which I deleted and on the command line I typed the "gocode.exe close". Opened Visual Studio Code and it worked!

IronPark commented Oct 31, 2016 edited

if not work gocode close for you
try this solution
killall -9 gocode
go get -u


Closing this issue, as we have a workaround


I'm having an issue very similar to this except code completion works, but after a time vscode becomes unusable because there are godef processes hogging the CPU. Killing them frees the cpu.

OSX Sierra, 1.7.1


@sfrooster See #541 and #503


This seams to happen after every GO update go through the steps to kill the
barcode process to fix it

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@sfrooster See #541
#541 and #503

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For me this is how it works.

Update the go version to Go 1.7.4 and then get latest version of all the tools.
go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v
go get -u -v

and Then restart the machine. It will work.

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