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Auto-completion, Go to definition features when using Go modules, commands to run all benchmarks in file and package, using v2 of delve api by default, and more!

@ramya-rao-a ramya-rao-a released this
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Read our wiki on Go modules in VS Code which tracks the progress of Go modules support.

  • Rebecca Stambler @stamblerre

    • Use of forks for the tools godef and gocode to provide Go to definition and Auto-completion features respectively when using Go modules. The binaries installed from these forks will have the suffix -gomod and will only be used when you use Go modules.
  • Bianca Rosa de Mendonça @biancarosa

    • New commands Go: Benchmark File, Go: Benchmark Package and codelens to run all the benchmarks in current file & package respectively. Feature Request 1522 with PR 1898 & PR 1899
  • Jeffrey Bean @jeffbean

    • New setting go.generateTestsFlags to provide flags for the gotests tool when generating tests. PR 1841
  • Johan Lejdung @johan-lejdung

    • New setting go.testTags to be used for running tests. This way, you can use the existing go.buildTags for compiling and a different set of tags for running tests. Feature Request 1842 implemented with PR 1877
  • Ryan Gurney @ragurney

  • Benas Svipas @svipben

    • Fix accessibility issues with the Analysis Tools Missing button in the status bar. PR 1922
  • Alec Thomas @alecthomas

  • Charles Kenney @Charliekenney23

    • Create new tmp directory for each session to avoid insecure use of the temporary files created by the extension. Fixes Bug 1905 with PR 1912
  • Shreyas Karnik (@shreyu86)

    • Provide auto-completions for symbols from unimported packages even when the package name has multiple matches. Fixes Bug 1884 with PR 1900
  • Ramya Rao (@ramya-rao-a)

    • Use random port instead of hard-coded 2345 when running delve. Fixes Bug 1906
    • Fix issue where tests using the check package cannot be run using the Go: Test File command. Bug 1911
    • Disable module support when installing the Go tools. Fixes Bug 1919
    • Use version 2 of delve apis by default instead of version 1. Replace existing useApiV1 setting/configuration with apiVersion. Feature Request 1876
    • Prompt to update gogetdoc and gopkgs if using Go modules.
    • Disable go.inferGopath in workspace settings when using Go modules automatically.
    • Add support for the below features when using Go modules
      • Go: Add Import command that gives you a list of importable packages to add to the import block of current file
      • Go: Browse Packages command that lets you browse available packages and their files
      • Auto-completion of unimported packages when go.autocompleteUnimportedPackages setting is enabled.