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VS Code extensions for Java developers.
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Java Extension Pack

Java Extension Pack is a collection of popular extensions that can help write, test and debug Java applications in Visual Studio Code. Check out Java in VS Code to get started.

Extensions Included

By installing Java Extension Pack, the following extensions are installed:

Other Recommendations

You can do more with VS Code. Here are some more recommendations that could help.


Spring Tools 4 (ST4) is also available in Visual Studio Code. It understands Spring so you can navigate Spring code at the level of beans, routes, etc. It can also show live information of the running Spring Boot applications. Check out the ST4 website to see a complete list of its features.

To use ST4, install 📦 Spring Boot Extension Pack. Please also check out the User Guide to make the most of it.

Containers and Microservices

You can use 📦 Docker extension to build docker images and work with image registries.

📦 Kubernetes extension provides an explorer view to manage clusters and the nodes inside. It also provides advanced syntax support for editing Kubernetes manifest files.

Tomcat and Jetty

Both 📦 Tomcat and 📦 Jetty extension are available. They provide dedicated views to help work with your favorite web servers.

Questions & Issues

Each extension mentioned above is a separate open-source project and has its own reporitory. To make things easier, simply 🙋 open an issue in this repository. The new issue will be triaged and redirected.


This extension collects telemetry data to help us build a better experience for building Java applications with VS Code. We only collect data on which commands are executed. We do not collect any information about names, addresses, paths, etc. The extension respects the telemetry.enableTelemetry setting which you can learn more about in our FAQ.



Happy Coding!

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