VSCode extension for running npm-scripts and validating the package.json files.
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This extension supports running npm scripts defined in the package.json file and validating the installed modules against the dependencies defined in the package.json.

Notice The validation is done by running npm and it is not run when the modules are managed by yarn.

The package.json validation reports warnings for modules:

  • that are defined in the package.json, but that are not installed
  • that are installed but not defined in the package.json
  • that are installed but do not satisfy the version defined in the package.json.

Quick fixes to run npm are provided for reported warnings.

package.json validation

Commands for running scripts are available the npm category.

command palette

  • Run npm install, also available in the context menu of the explorer when the package.json file
  • Run a script (npm run-script) defined in the package.json by picking a script defined in the scripts section of the package.json.
  • Rerun the last npm script you have executed using this extension.
  • Terminate a running script

The scripts can be run either in the integrated terminal or an output window.


  • npm.validate.enable validate the dependencies in the package.json file, the default is true.
  • npm.runInTerminal defines whether the command is run in a terminal window or whether the output form the command is shown in the Output window. The default is to show the output in the terminal.
  • npm.includeDirectories define additional directories that include a package.json.
  • npm.useRootDirectory define whether the root directory of the workspace should be ignored, the default is false.
  • npm.runSilent run npm commands with the --silent option, the default is false.
  • npm.bin custom npm bin name, the default is npm.
	"npm.runInTerminal": false,
	"npm.includeDirectories": [

Keyboard Shortcuts

The extension defines a chording keyboard shortcut for the R key. As a consequence an existing keybinding for R is not executed immediately. If this is not desired, then please bind another key for these commands, see the customization documentation.