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Manage remote storage

Visual Studio Code Tools for AI comes with a Storage Explorer.

You can manage the storage on PAI clusters and Remote Linux VMs within VS Code. Storage Explorer supports creating/deleting/uploading/download files and folders.

Storage Explorer

Launch the storage explorer

There are two ways to open the Storage Explorer.

  1. Context menu of AI EXPLORER nodes.

    Storage Explorer

  2. Executing the command AI: Open Storage Explorer from Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P).

    Depends on which way you use and which platform you chose, you may need to provide more information. For example, the cluster node/remote machine, the storage volumn, or the root directory, etc.

    Storage Explorer

    Storage Explorer

Folder / File operations

To make changes on remote storage, right click the target node in Storage Explorer and use the context menu.

  • For File node, "Download" and "Delete" are supported.
  • For Folder node, supported operations are listed below:
Upload         # Upload a file.
Upload Folder  # Upload all contents under specified folder recursively.
Download       # Download a file / folder to local disk. If a folder is specified, all contents under this folder will be downloaded recursively.
New Folder     # Create a sub folder under specified folder.
Delete         # Delete a file / folder. If a folder is specified, it will be deleted recursively.

Once a file is downloaded, you can choose to preview it in VS Code window or jump to its location on local disk in message window:

Storage Explorer