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Start Page

We provide Tools for AI Start Page to help users get started with AI development.

This page would be auto-opened when VS Code is launched, but won't be more than once in 24 hours.

Or you could use command AI: Open Tools for AI Start Page to open this page.

Start Page

Build your first AI training model

We provide a simple tutorial for you to build your first AI training model.

Try it out.

First Sample

Training Samples

We provide other samples for you to learn more.

By clicking the sample image, you could know more descriptions about this sample.

By clicking the Download, you could download the sample code to know more about how this sample works.


Turn on/off auto-open

You could turn on/off auto-opening this page by the bottom checkbox.

Or you could use command Preferences: Open User Settings to open User Settings and add the "ai.homepage.openOnStartup": true/false configuration in User Settings tab.

Auto Open