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Issues with not case/fragment-normalizing file paths (macOS, Windows) #12448

bpasero opened this Issue Sep 22, 2016 · 55 comments


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bpasero commented Sep 22, 2016

In VS Code we deal with resource URIs across all layers. In most cases we use URI.toString() to decide if a resource is equal to another resource. This assumption is not very good when we talk about file system paths because on macOS and Windows a file path should be considered equal if the paths are identical, even if the casing differs (/some/path === /SOME/path). Only Linux has a case-sensitive file system where this rule does not apply.

This leads to numerous related issues:

@bpasero bpasero added the bug label Sep 22, 2016

@bpasero bpasero added this to the Backlog milestone Sep 22, 2016

@bpasero bpasero self-assigned this Sep 22, 2016

@bpasero bpasero changed the title from Issues when using wrong path casing when starting Code to Issues with mixed casing of file paths entering the workbench Jan 3, 2017

@bpasero bpasero changed the title from Issues with mixed casing of file paths entering the workbench to Issues with not case-normalizing file paths (macOS, Windows) Jan 3, 2017

@bpasero bpasero added the debt label Feb 4, 2017


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bpasero commented Feb 6, 2017

Pushed a fix for the broken file events on macOS.

@bpasero bpasero changed the title from Issues with not case-normalizing file paths (macOS, Windows) to Issues with not case/fragment-normalizing file paths (macOS, Windows) Feb 7, 2017


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BillDenton commented Mar 2, 2017

Any update on this? I keep tripping over it particularly when using the debugger.

@bpasero bpasero modified the milestones: March 2017, Backlog Mar 16, 2017

bpasero added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 16, 2017


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majelbstoat commented Jul 11, 2018

Yeah, echoing the same as @vvs. In addition, this also appears to cause .eslintignore rules not to be respected when a file is opened through jump to definition as an all lowercase path, which means code inside node_modules is being linted. Furthermore cmd+shift+e to show the file in explorer does not work.

I feel like I've noticed this a lot more since Typescript 2.9's --declarationMap changes which means I'm jumping directly into the .ts files, rather than jumping to the d.ts file and opening the code file manually?


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decimad commented Jul 25, 2018

Hello, what is the state of this "bug" really? Are the devs considering this to be a non-issue rather related to the various extensions that passed by referencing it? Many subsequently closed the issues with a fix in the extension itself, seemingly, so maybe this all is not vscode's problem?


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majelbstoat commented Jul 25, 2018

@decimad here is at least one example where the extension author does not believe they can solve it independently of this problem: Microsoft/vscode-eslint#503 (comment)


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0xabu commented Jul 25, 2018

I have this problem with the $mscompile problem matcher in tasks.json, which AFAIK is core functionality and not part of any extension. #18684 describes the same problem, and was duped here.


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gitsupersmecher commented Aug 7, 2018

This issue started to happened with the last update non-stop. I use typescript + tsc and VS Code started to be unusable; it cannot find any reference because of the path casing issue. Could you please look into this issue? This became a serious issue for using VS Code for us.


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Boddlnagg commented Sep 5, 2018

This issue has been open for almost two years now and duplicates are opened (and subsequently closed as duplicates) on a regular basis. Could we have an update about the status? Is someone looking into this?


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sag1v commented Sep 8, 2018

For me it was a wrong import.
i had a file which i may or may not changed its name, lets say it's called MyComponent.
I got a warning that i have duplicate files that only differs in casing:
MyComponent -> MyCOmponent.
Well it turns out that i had a typo in one of my imports:

import MyComponent from './MyCOmponent`;

After i fixed the typo:

import MyComponent from './MyComponent`;

Everything worked well.

So just search (ctrl + f) your folders for the file name and make sure you don't have a typo somewhere.


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StJohn3D commented Oct 9, 2018

Currently seeing this message:

[ts] File name 'C:/Users/me/project/_demo/src/components/utils/CodeBlock.tsx' differs from already included file name 'c:/Users/me/project/_demo/src/components/utils/CodeBlock.tsx' only in casing.
module "c:/Users/me/project/_demo/src/components/utils/CodeBlock"

The line of code that is getting the red underline in VS Code is this:

import { BlankPage } from '../../templates/BlankPage' //<--does not throw error
import { CodeBlock } from '../../utils/CodeBlock'  //<-- throws error

As you can see, the only difference is in the drive letter. C:/Users vs c:/Users, but I'm not setting that in my import since I'm just using a relative path. So something in VS Code is acting funny here.
Thankfully it still compiles on windows for me. But that error/red-underline only started showing up a few minutes ago after I closed-reopened VS Code and it updated to latest as of 10/09/2018


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chongchai commented Nov 6, 2018

I get the same error when I open a C project with samba.
Each time I use 'go to definition', VSCode will open a file with upper case file name. But the real path is all low case.


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admvx commented Nov 8, 2018

This is pretty specific, but in case it helps anyone, I also had this issue due to a task's custom problem matcher on Windows:

  • My external compiler refers to source paths weirdly, like: C:\some-dir\another-dir\..\another-dir\source.txt
  • In my task problem matcher, I initially used "fileLocation": "absolute"
  • Following links from the Problems panel, I would end up with duplicate tabs


  • Updating the problem matcher to use "fileLocation": ["relative", "/"] I guess tells vscode to pre-resolve any relative parts of the path (before deduping against open tabs), rather than taking the path at face value and letting the OS resolve the location.

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ferdugong commented Dec 4, 2018

I'm having problems too related to this behaviour.
I suppose most of the people having this problems are programming on a case-insensitive filesystem (HFS+, APFS, NTFS) as myself.

This actually causes me problems while developing because when I'm capitalising a filename git won't recognise the change causing me the same error as @StJohn3D, because the import inside other files wouldn't match the case.

This is quite annoying and it would be nice if the editor when capitalising filenames could detect it as a normal filename change so that git can track it.

Is there any possibility this feature will ever be integrated?


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cchamberlain commented Dec 7, 2018

This one has been driving us crazy for a while on Windows 10. I get this all the time #12448 (comment).

Makes files in sidebar red. When I use go to definition it opens a file with the lowercase name that doesn't actually exist. If I make edits to that version then go open the actual one with the right casing in the sidebar, it seems to merge types definitions between the two. I will get errors like "you can't add a duplicate member to this type with the same name".

This is my single biggest problem with VSCode and has been for some time.


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tommitytom commented Dec 13, 2018

Can any dev respond to at least say why they are ignoring this issue? It's been open well over two years now and it's such a glaringly obvious bug.

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