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Microsoft Cross Platform Build Agent

Running interactively is good for testing and trying it out. But, in production the agent should be run as a service to ensure the agent survives reboots.

Run as a Service

OSX only for right now. Linux soon

Install Service

OSX Types

Run in the agent directory

Run as a daemon (OSX | Linux)

$ ./agent/ install

Run as launch agent (only OSX)

$ ./agent/ install agent

potentially run UI tests Auto Logon and Lock

Check Status

$ ./ status
8367	-	vsoagent.myaccount.agent1

*note: output is (pid) (rc) (name) if it is running pid will have a positive number rc is last exit code. if negative, term signal number. if postive, err return code from last run. *


$ ./ stop


$ ./ start


If the service is loaded but you want to stop and start or the host has exited from some reason:

$ ./ restart

Uninstall Service

Stop first and then:

$ ./ uninstall


A .service file is created with the information about the service such as where the .plist file is etc...