Build and release tasks for Team Services extensions
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CI/CD Tools for VSTS extensions

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This extension provides build and release tasks for packaging and publishing Azure Devops Extensions to the Visual Studio Marketplace. There are also tasks to share and install your extension to your Azure Devops organisation or Team Foundation Server.

To use

Learn more about this extension about and install the extension into your Azure DevOps Organisation via the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Available tasks

Azure DevOps

  • Package: package an Azure DevOps extension into an extension package (.VSIX) file
  • Publish: optionally package and publish an extension (either privately or publicly) to the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Share: share an extension with an Azure DevOps organisation
  • Install: install an extension to an Azure DevOps organisation
  • Query version: query an extension's version (to make it easy to increment on your next package or publish)
  • Wait for validation: waits for the Visual Studio Marketplace validation to come through.

Visual Studio (Coming soon...)

  • Publish: Publish a Visual Studio extension to the Visual Studio Marketplace


  1. From the root of the repo run npm run initdev. This will pull down the necessary modules and TypeScript declare files.
  2. Run npm run build to compile the build tasks.
  3. Run npm run package to create a .vsix extension package that includes the build tasks.