WiMigrator is a command line tool for migrating work items between VSTS/TFS projects
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WiMigrator is a command line tool designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Migrate work items from one Azure DevOps/TFS project to another
  • Real world example of how to use the WIT REST APIs
  • Cross platform support

Build Status


  • Migrate the latest revision of a work item or set of work items based on the provided query, including:
    • Work item links (for work items within the query results set)
    • Attachments
    • Git commit links (link to the source git commit)
    • Work item history (last 200 revisions as an attachment)
    • Tagging of the source items that have been migrated

Getting Started


  • Source Project on Azure DevOps or TFS 2017 Update 2 or later
  • Target Project on Azure DevOps or TFS 2018 or later
  • Personal access tokens or NTLM for authentication
  • Project Collection Administrator permissions required on target project
  • Process metadata should be consistent between the processes
    • Limited field mapping support is provided to map fields from the source to target account
    • Area/Iteration paths can be defaulted to a specific value when they don't exist on the target


WiMigrator supports the following command line options:

  • --validate validates that the metadata between the source and target projects is consistent
  • --migrate re-runs validation and then migrates the work items

Migration runs in two parts:

  • Validation
    • Configuration settings
    • Process metadata is consistent between projects
    • Identifies any work items that were previously migrated
  • Migration
    • Phase 1: Work item fields
    • Phase 2: Attachments, links, git commit links, history, target move tag
    • Phase 3: Source move tag

A sample configuration file is provided with documentation of all the settings

  • sample-configuration.json

Execution example:

dotnet run --validate configuration.json


  • Artifact links (other than git) are not migrated
  • Board fields are not migrated
  • Test artifacts (e.g. test results) are not migrated


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