SDK including documentation and sample code for developing extensions for Windows Admin Center (previously Project Honolulu)
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Windows Admin Center SDK

Welcome to the Windows Admin Center SDK! Windows Admin Center is an evolution of Windows Server in-box management tools; a locally deployed, browser-based management experience that supports scenarios where customers need full control of all aspects of their deployment, including private networks which aren’t Internet-connected.

Get started with the SDK

Getting started with Windows Admin Center development is easy! Follow along with step-by-step directions to prepare your environment, and learn more about writing and publishing extensions at our documentation site.

Don't have Windows Admin Center installed yet? Download Windows Admin Center.

Sample Code included with the SDK

  • Sample code can be found for tool, solution, and gateway plugin extension types in our SDK documentation. There you will leverage the Windows Admin Center CLI to build a new extension project, then follow the individual guides to customize your project to meet your needs.

  • Developer Tools is a sample solution extension containing a rich collection of controls that you can browse and use in your own extension. Developer Tools is a fully functioning extension that can be side-loaded into Windows Admin Center in Developer Mode.

SDK design toolkit

Check out our Windows Admin Center SDK design toolkit! This toolkit is designed to help you rapidly mock up extensions in PowerPoint using Windows Admin Center styles, controls, and page templates. See what your extension can look like in Windows Admin Center before you start coding!


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