XAML Standard : a set of principles that drive XAML dialect alignment
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XAML Standard : a set of principles that drive XAML dialect alignment


Thank you for patiently bearing with us as we have been iterating over feedback and working to better define the principles for XAML Standard.


  • Different platforms have different personalities and capabilities. For the best end-user experience, developers build native apps that embrace the native personalities and capabilities of the platforms and device form factors.
  • Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms are optimized for developers building native mobile scenarios and focuses on exposing the common and abstracted subset of controls and capabilities most needed by mobile developers.
  • Windows 10 XAML and WPF are optimized for native Windows experiences and focuses on exposing the full and unique capabilities of the Windows platform. Developers empowered with Windows 10 XAML and WPF, can harness the full and unique capabilities of the Windows platform, including the most rich and demanding experiences optimized for use with mouse, keyboard and touch.
  • We will continue to optimize Xamarin.Forms as an abstraction layer for native mobile development and optimize Windows 10 XAML and WPF for Windows native experiences. XAML Standard is an alignment effort targeted at finding the right middle ground of concepts and tags that can be shared between Microsoft’s XAML UI systems to make it easier to work with XAML regardless of target platforms.

Revised definition and scope:

  • XAML Standard is set of principles that drive XAML dialect alignment and not a product or product feature. For more details on the updated principles, see Principles


As a first phase of alignment, we are making a set of additive updates to Windows 10 XAML and Xamarin.Forms. For example:

  • TextBlock, StackPanel (and several other tags as requested here) are being added to Xamarin.Forms - see aka.ms/xf-xamlstandard for details on how you can try these out.
  • Similarly ease of use APIs like StackPanel.Spacing etc., are being added to Windows 10 XAML.

For the full list of aligned tags at this time, see here.

With this clarified stance, we will be more active on the Issues and help provide more clarity on the goals and timelines. We encourage you to continue providing us feedback on concepts and tags that would benefit from closer alignment to serve your scenarios.

For more information, read the faqs.

How to engage, contribute and provide feedback

We encourage you to start a discussion or give us direct feedback by filing an issue or starting a proposal.

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