Vocabulary specification for the XAML Standard, a unified markup dialect for defining user interface elements and their behavior.
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XAML Standard

This repository contains the principles and definition of XAML Standard.

XAML Standard is a vocabulary specification that defines a standard XAML vocabulary. Frameworks that support XAML standard can share common XAML based UI definitions.

The goal is for the first version, XAML Standard 1.0, to be available later this year.  Post specification plans include support of XAML standard in Xamarin.Forms and UWP. 

For more information, read the faqs.

How to engage, contribute and provide feedback

This spec is being designed in the open. We are in the early stages of defining the spec right now, you can see a draft of XAML Standard 1.0 getting defined here. We encourage you to start a discussion or give us direct feedback by filing an issue or starting a proposal.

If you are posting an API for XAML standard consideration:

  • Mark it with the label: "proposal".
  • Add a brief overview of what you are proposing and why it belongs in XAML Standard (in keeping with the principles of the effort).
  • Provide a clear usecase/scenario that describes how this API benefits in sharing cross-platform UI code, preferably a scenario from your experience or application that clearly illustrates why a control/API would benefit from being standardized.
  • Add a brief example in XAML syntax for your proposal.
  • Provide links to issues/discussions where this proposal has been talked about as well as any other pointer to where this originated or got discussed that could describe the motivation.

See proposals-faq for more information.

This project has adopted the code of conduct defined by the Contributor Covenant to clarify expected behavior in our community. For more information, see the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct.