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@jplafonta jplafonta released this Jan 2, 2018 · 27 commits to master since this release

Whats new

  • Added support for the IL2CPP scripting backend, alongside the pre-existing .NET scripting backend support.
  • Microsoft.Xbox.Services.*.CSharp now is now dependent on same C++ code used by the XSAPI WinRT projections to ensure consistency.
  • Aligned Microsoft.Xbox.Services.*.CSharp API surface with XSAPI WinRT projections. This alignment may cause breaking changes if you called into the DLL directly. See below for a complete list of (potentially) breaking changes.

Breaking changes

As mentioned above, the API surface of Microsoft.Xbox.Services.*.CSharp has changed to align with XSAPI WinRT. These changes only impact you if you called into the DLL directly or modified our scripts. Below is a complete list of changes:


  • SocialManager - changed signature of two methods; AddLocalUser and CreateSocialUserGroupFromList, added three new methods; UpdateSocialUserGroup, DestroySocialUserGroup, and SetRichPresencePollingStatus
  • SocialEvent - added EventArgs property, changed type of UsersAffected propery, removed GroupAffected property, removed Exception propery and added ErrorCode and ErrorMessage properties in its place
  • SocialManagerExtraDetailLevel - Changed names of some enum values
  • SocialManagerPresenceRecord - new class
  • SocialManagerPresenceTitleRecord - removed State, IsPrimaryPropery, and Type properties
  • SocialUserGroupLoadedEventArgs - new class
  • SocialUserGroupType - removed value Unknown
  • XboxSocialUser - changed type of XboxUserId property from ulong to string, renamed IsFollowingCaller property to IsFollowingUser, removed properties PresenceState and PresenceDetails and added PresenceRecord property in their place, removed method IsUserPlayingTitle(ulong titleId)
  • XboxSocialUserGroup - added LocalUser property, renamed PresenceFilter to PresenceFilterOfGroup, renamed RelationshipFilter to RelationshipFilterOfGroup, added UsersTrackedBySocialUserGroup property, removed method GetUser(ulong userId) and added GetUsersFromXboxUserIds(IList<string> xboxUserIds) in its place


  • LeaderboardQuery - renamed SkipResultsToRank to SkipResultToRank
  • LeaderboardResult - removed NextQuery propery and added GetNextQuery() method
  • LeaderboardRow - changed type of Rank propery
  • StatisticManager - renamed class from StatsManager to StatisticManager, changed signature of DoWork method, renamed SetStatAsNumber method to SetStatisticNumberData, renamed SetStatAsInteger method to SetStatisticIntegerData, renamed SetStatAsString to SetStatisticStringData, changed name and signature of GetStat() method to GetStatistic(), changed name and signature of GetStatNames() method to GetStatisticNames(), changed name of DeleteStat()toDeleteStatistic(), changed signature of GetLeaderboardmethod, addedGetSocialLeaderboardMethod`
  • LeaderboardResultEventArgs - new class
  • StatisticDataType - renamed class from StatValueType to StatisticDataType, added Undefined enum value
  • StatisticEvent - renamed class from StatEvent to StatisticEvent
  • StatisticEventArgs - renamed class from StatEventArgs to StatisticEventArgs
  • StatisticEventType - renamed enum from StatEventType to StatisticEventType, renamed StatUpdateComplete enum value to StatisticUpdateComplete
  • StatisticValue - renamed class from StatValue to StatisticValue, removed Value property, renamed Type property to DataType, removed AsNumber() method and added AsNumber property, removed AsInteger() method and added AsInteger property, removed AsString() method and added AsString property

Title Storage

  • TitleStorageQuota - added XboxUserId and ServiceConfigurationId properties


  • PermissionCheckResult - renamed Reasons property to DenyReasons


  • SignInCompletedEventArgs - changed type of User property
  • SignOutCompletedEventArgs - changed type of User property
  • GetTokenAndSignatureResult - renamed class from TokenAndSignatureResult to GetTokenAndSignatureResult, removed Reserved and TokenRequestResultStatus properties

App Config

  • XboxLiveAppConfiguration - renamed Instance to SingletonInstance, renamed PrimaryServiceConfigId to ServiceConfigurationId, removed the PublisherID, PublisherDisplayName, PackageIdentityName, DisplayName, AppId, ProductFamilyName, EnvironmentPrefix, UseFirstPartyToken, and XboxLiveCreatorsTitle properties, removed GetEndPointForService method

Deprecated services

  • ProfileService - deprecated service; functionality can be achieved using social manager
  • LeaderboardService - deprecated service; functionality can be achieved using stats manager

Known Issues

  • XboxLiveSettings class has been renamed to XboxLiveContextSettings and is temporarily non functional.
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