The Windows Phone Toolkit provides additional controls and capabilities for Windows Phone XAML developers
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Windows Phone Toolkit

This is an archive of the CodePlex source code for the Windows Phone Toolkit source. The latest release, August 2013, is represented here

Getting started

Components in the toolkit

  • AutoCompleteBox
  • ContextMenu
  • CustomMessageBox
  • DateTimeConverters
  • DateTimePickers
  • Effects – SlideInEffect, TiltEffect and TurnstileFeatherEffect
  • ExpanderView
  • HubTile
  • ListPicker
  • LongListMultiSelector
  • Map extensions
  • PhoneTextBox
  • RatingControl
  • ToggleSwitch
  • TransferControl
  • Navigation transitions
  • WrapPanel
  • LongListSelector for 7.x
  • MultiSelect for 7.x
  • Samples are included in the source code

Open source

This project is licensed MS-PL, an OSI-approved license: fork and enjoy

The Silverlight Toolkit was created in a previous era where contributions and Microsoft's Contribution License Agreement story were not yet formalized.

  1. We cannot include any source code that you send us through the CodePlex project (through comments, patches, or items in the Issue Tracker). However, we do welcome all feedback.
  2. Please review the Quality Bands for information on the support and quality level of the toolkit components.
  3. Feel free to use the source in your apps, controls, and products - have fun!